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Budgeting Tips

Okay I admit, sometimes I’m out of budget because of being a shopaholic woman. I can’t stop myself from doing it especially when I’m tired and stress. Shopping is my other way releasing my stress out and it makes me reconnect all over again to myself. For men and hubby, shopping is women’s bestfriend and yeah that’s absolutely true. I, myself, can’t answer why women love to shop all the time and collect so many things that they rarely use. That’s a big question mark for me too but we just love to do it. I do make my budget list every month and do try to follow it the best that I could but when there are discounts somewhere, it’s the time that I always run out of my budget. yeah! C’est malin that’s why I always look for budgeting tips online all the time. I’m hoping to cope up my savings in the next months though.

Miss Kuripot

I am a certified kuripot starting this month. I’m saving for something and even if I really need something like a bag, I try not to touch my card and just tell myself that I still have a white bag and I’ll just use it instead of purchasing a black one. I told my husband that I’m not going to purchase that Longchamp bag not unless if he’ll be the one who’ll pay it for me and he was just laughing so hard ^-^. Duh, I thought I’ll managed to fool him but it’s the contrary. But seriously, my list is very long and I have so many projects to do once we will be in Philippines. Hubby asked “Are you sure you don’t wanna spend a single penny for anything even for Orovo detox?” ^-^

Be Practical

Yeah! One really has to be practical these days. Financial crisis keeps on getting worst and in return, goods and commodities are increasing once again. The salaries are still the same and more and more people lost their job and even their beloved homes because of the very expensive mortgage. We don’t really have to go for branded items. I mean, it’s good of course to have one but branded products are always expensive. Why spend more when it’s possible to buy something that’s affordable yet the quality is very good, right? Imagine the amount of $$$$$ you’ll save if you’ll be purchasing an eyeglass for yourself at Zenni Optical. Your friends who are planning to change their eyeglasses or to have one for themselves will surely be happy and will surely be very thankful with you once you’ll be telling them that Zenni is the site where they’ll save a lot of moolah.

When I think of eyeglasses, Zenni is the place that first comes into my mind. I wanna have one for myself too and anyone can even have 2 or 3 eyeglasses for themsevles because their eyewears are really cheap. It’s the only store I guess where you’ll find the cheapest and stylish prescription eyeglasses. Would you believe that it costs $8 only? Unbelievable right? Be practical my friends and start saving.

Financial Crisis

Oufff! Financial crisis at present time is really worst. I’m a price conscious woman and I’ve noticed that majority of the goods are increasing once again. My friends told me that diesel are cheaper now but I doubt because it’s always the first thing that increases before anything else. It’s very easy to spend one’s money but it’s very hard to have it. One must really work hard and follow his/her budget list strictly. After a month + of working, I’m able to save a little but thinking of all these bankrupt financial institutions, it’s scaring me. I guess, a small business franchise will be a great idea instead of placing it at the bank and waiting for an annual interest. Business is risky but the good thing about it is that you can use any strategies you want in order to make it successful.

Mom told me that she has a request from her doctor to have an x-ray and an ultrasound to check if her tummy is doing better now. I’m quite sad when talking about my mom’s health because I don’t want anyone in the family to be sick. The medicines are expensive plus hospitalization subject is really much. As much as possible, I want to avoid it because it makes me sad when one in the family member is suffering from something. Insurance will always be very helpful at cases like this. I ask my father too deal with his papers so that he’ll have an insurance on his own too and be able to choose as to which medicare advantage plan he’ll prefer.

At times of trouble especially at times when we’re in desperate need of money, it is sometimes difficult when unexpected situations come like emergencies or simply because for personal reasons. Some of us, the income we have is not enough for ourselves and savings account that we also have is not that much too. Right? Loans are always on the rescue for us and is the last option that comes into our mind. But take note, applying for a loans in general is very difficult especially at the banks because they’ll be asking you to submit several papers before your loan will be approved. Your chances are always 50-50 and you’ll be very fortunate enough if your loan and the amount of money that you wanted will be granted. But if you have a bad credit history, expected the worst coz you’ll surely have the very least chance to be approved. In my opinion, it is best to apply for a loan online because there are bad credit loans available everywhere and it is easier too. For credit cards, don’t worry too because it is possible to avail these bad credit credit cards at

Expanding one’s business is quite difficult especially if we don’t have the money at all. At times like this, Small Business Loans are the best alternative way for us to be able to accomplish any of our business plans. There are many financial institutions where we can have a loan anytime we want and the best one that I found so far especially when it comes to Small Business Loans is At this company, applicants can borrow starting from $10K up to $150K and loans approval will take only within 24-48 hours. Transacting at their office is hassle-free too because they wouldn’t ask you to submit tons of supporting papers in order for your loan to be approved. So my friends, if you have a business and you’d want to make it bigger, Small Business Loans will be very perfect for you !

If you are an entrepreneur and you need a business funding for you to be able to expand your business or to bring your business to the next level, can help you. This site is a platform to bring entrepreneurs and investors around the world closer together. People who’d like to invest into something or who is looking for a very good business idea must sign up here. Why? Let’s shall say that this is a very interesting place for the business world because entrepreneurs post their capital requirements here and the investors on the other hand who are looking for a very good business opportunity will then have the chance to browse and to select the best investment he or she is interested with. Aside from that, this site has many interesting business articles also that may help you before you make any investment. Read these articles at

If you want to promote your business, giving your customers these beautiful logo pens will be a very good idea. In that way, these people will always remember your business and it will be easy for them the recall the name of your company because of these logo pens. One good advice that I can give you is that you transact at because they have competitive prices and they’ve got many colors and styles for you to choose from for your own logo pens. Mark my word, your sales will increase because of this very simple marketing strategy.

I’m always curious about the lives of the different people on how they make their business very successful. I have filipina friends that are quite successful right now with their small businesses online and they never let any boundaries or any distances block their business’ success. I’ve tried it twice but when I knew that I need to hire a custom broker, I backed out instantly because it’s expensive. If I only knew that Transworld Futures exist, maybe until now I’m still doing my small business. This company is the best place to be for business owners who are searching for discount futures broker, online futures trading and online futures broker. I found this site from a friend who has been transacting this company for her small business. Right now, I’m thinking about it over and over again and hopefully, I’d like very much to finally start the small business I’ve been dreaming for.
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