Closet in the bathroom

Closet in the bathroom

Closet in the bathroom started as the theater “starts with a coat hanger”, the bathhouse creates the first impression of its comfort in the dressing room. This room is often called the dressing room. You will learn about the rules and properties of the dressing room arrangement today from our material.

The direct purpose of the dressing room is to store clothes during the bath. But it is in the dressing room that people spend most of their time visiting the bathhouse, especially when it is combined with a relaxation room, which is very practical and equipped with furniture and accessories.

Closet in the bathroom

The perfect solution for bathroom planning is the special location of the walk-in closet. This will create maximum comfort for those who want to steam: comfortable clothing, rest after a steam bath and water methods, and the opportunity to dry and trim their appearance. To avoid crowding for one person, you need to plan at least 1-2 m 2 areas.

It is difficult to design a special block for changing clothes in a small bathhouse. In such cases, the dressing room can be combined with the relaxation room. Its arrangement with such an arrangement should in addition solve the problem of good rest over a cup of hot tea. Do not forget about the possible presence of ladies, because to prevent discomfort it is recommended to fence off clothes from strangers.

The following requirements are made for the dressing room in the bathroom:

  • Pay special attention to the insulation of the locker room. This is done from the walls, floor, and ceiling. Window closure must be carried out at a high technical level. The design of the entrance door to the dressing room as the first bathroom is very important. The door must be insulated and have a high threshold to protect it from the wind.
  • Ventilation and comfortable temperature. A cold atmosphere without an atmosphere is a prerequisite for being able to change clothes and rest well.
  • The lighting in the dressing room is bright enough. Its silence, unlike the steam room, is completely inappropriate here. It is convenient to use natural light through windows that can be installed indoors. Wall lights are best placed in the corners of the room. Sensors can be installed to save energy.
  • If there is a wood-burning stove in the dressing room and the recreation room, it should not cause guests discomfort and smoke when burning fuel.

If an independent interior design is causing you difficulties, the internet and printed publications can provide numerous photos and projects of changing rooms in the bathroom.

Bathroom dressing room furniture

When arranging a wardrobe in the bathroom, it is important to meet the main condition: the furniture must be comfortable and match the design of the room and have a solid look. Furniture for the dressing room or rest room as well as is selected according to the number of guests in the bathroom who come at the same time.

Furniture should be made of quality materials. Bathroom furniture is usually made of aspen, alder, or oak. Products made of such wood are reliable and practical. In addition to wooden seats, it is permissible to use plastic furniture in the dressing room that does not require particularly careful maintenance. You can buy it in specialty stores.

Consider what furniture you need for a dressing room in the bathroom:

  • Mirror … That’s the main thing in any dressing room. Its size should allow examination of the entire human figure, in extreme cases – the upper body. Therefore, with a mirror width of 400-600 mm, its height for viewing the body is taken: at the waist – 600 mm, at the hips – 1400 mm, at full height – 1700 mm where the lower edge of the mirror is less than 300 mm from the floor. The hanging mirror for the dressing room is made strictly vertical with the placement of a shelf for toilet accessories next to it. The installation location of the accessory requires good lighting.
  • Hanger … Hooks on the bathroom hangers should take at least 3-4 pieces for clothes and three pieces for towels per guest of the bath.
  • Cabinet … Chest of drawers in the room to change clothes and prepare for the procedure will not be unnecessary at all. It is necessary to store clean towels, sheets, sheets, and tablecloths.
  • Cabinet … Household equipment also needs to be stored somewhere. You can determine the place for detergents, detergents, and accessories to clean the bath in the spacious closet in the dressing room. It can also contain brooms for bathing methods.
  • Table … It is customary to use a wooden table for the bath. They can be rectangular and round with ordinary legs, carved or decorative.
  • Benches and sun loungers … When decorating a dressing room in a rest room, it is equipped with appropriate equipment – benches and sun loungers, which is a necessity for a comfortable stay. The benches in the bathhouse are necessary for rest after entering the sauna, so their design should provide a comfortable position for the body in a sitting and lying position. If you have drawings, you can make original sun loungers instead of the traditional ones yourself. In addition, a massage chair can be installed in a sufficient amount of space in the sauna room.

Installation of changing rooms in the bathroom

A wardrobe with a bathroom with your own hands, regardless of its location, is no less important than the equipment of the main bathroom – the steam room. In addition to wellness treatments with a steamed broom, there should be a place for relaxation and conversations from friends and family to the heart.

Features of planning for closet in the bathroom:

  • With normal humidity in the locker room, it can be equipped with a TV, radio, and even internet access – we live in an age of advanced technology.
  • Traditional charcoal-heated samovar can be a great decoration for a dressing room in a Russian bath. The quality of the tea made in such a machine is difficult to compare with anything. As a last resort, the electric samovar is also not bad.
  • The dressing and recreation room requires a washbasin and an electric hairdryer. In addition, the availability of drinking water in the bath is an important factor – this is worth considering.
  • A wooden box with a lid is quite suitable for storing “obligatory” firewood. This is especially true if the stove’s fireboxes are moved out to the recreation room along with the dressing room.
  • It is necessary to have a first aid kit with the necessary medicines and first aid equipment in the locker room.
  • To decorate the room and create additional comfort in it, you can hang cute curtains on the windows and pictures on the walls.

Essential oils with a pine or fir scent will create a unique atmosphere in the bathhouse, strengthen your health and help you relax.

Closet in the bathroom
Closet in the bathroom

Bathroom decoration decorations

When creating interiors in the bathroom, you can show a remarkable imagination, especially considering the layout of the room in relation to the rest of the rooms.

The decoration and design of the dressing room in the bathhouse can be done in a classic style with a fountain, birch, and century lining on the ceiling and walls. To save on the cost of cladding, coniferous or pine trees are also suitable. The temperature in the dressing room allows this, in contrast to the steam room, where hot steam causes tar to be released on the surface. It is better to make the floor from wooden planks. Such a decoration will make the room cozy and easy to breathe. For added comfort, you can put a rug on the floor to walk barefoot.

For the combined version of the dressing room, as a sample, you can take the interior of a classic or modern bath that you like and change it a bit according to your artistic taste. Another option is to create interiors from scratch in the best traditions of Russian baths. Additional use of ceramic tiles, glass, and stainless steel on the inside will be original.

When decorating a dressing room in the bathroom, it is important to pay attention to the correct proportions of its design. All of its practical solutions should complement each other: for example, the dressing area should not look isolated, as this does not add comfort to the combined toilet.

It is recommended to impregnate wooden surfaces on walls, floors, and ceilings with special bath oil. It is applied with a brush in 2-3 layers. The protective composition, which has water-repellent properties, allows the tree to “breathe” and at the same time prevents moisture and dirt from entering its structure. The type of wood to be treated does not really matter. The active additives and pine plastics contained in the bath oil prevent mold from growing in areas that are difficult to clean. To dry the composition quickly, just heat the bath well.


And finally, closet in the bathroom, remember that for the construction of a bath is preferably recommended to follow a series of layout bathrooms: covered terrace or patio, hall or entrance hall, relaxation room, dressing room or dressing room, laundry room, steam room.

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