Drawers for the Kitchen, Tips to Choose

Drawers for the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the virtual spaces in a residential building. It is a personification of comfort and warmth at home and is also used in cooking. It must undoubtedly include special appliances and cabinets to store dishes, food or small household appliances. Fully equipped kitchen utensils are usually used for this purpose. Still, their interior space may not be sufficient for the location of all objects. In this case, buy a spacious chest of drawers for the kitchen, which can be made of different materials, and have different purposes, sizes and other variables. Therefore, it is essential to choose a structure that fits perfectly into the interior and will be attractive, versatile and affordable.

Recruitment of drawers for the kitchen

Initially, deciding for what purpose this furniture is purchased is essential. You can buy it in the kitchen for different purposes:

  • Storage of dishes and it is recommended to equip furniture with special convenient devices for placing glasses, plates or other items. Such a chest of drawers usually has two large compartments, which are characterized by high capacity;
  • Food contents – such a cabinet is produced with drawers, which can have different sizes and types. Each compartment is used to store specific products, for example, the upper one for cereals and the lower one for vegetables. Since products will be here, it is essential that the material from which they are made is environmentally friendly and does not absorb foreign odours;
  • For installation of small household appliances. There can be no partitions in the design, as significant free space is required.

Often, a kitchen buffet is chosen, designed to store pastries and other sweets, and small children usually adore such furniture.

Although chests of drawers are usually designed to hold various items or foods, they need to be particularly attractive. They must fit well with the interior and colour scheme, so these variables are certainly considered when choosing furniture.


The cabinet is manufactured in many types, and all styles are different in many variables. Before you buy a particular design, you should decide for what purpose you will use it and what parameters you should have to use it comfortably and conveniently.

For Court

Often a chest of drawers for the kitchen is specially purchased, designed to put an optimal amount of various dishes in it. When choosing it, the features are taken into account:

it is possible to make different numbers of drawers or produce without them, and in the first case, it usually stores small dishes such as cutlery, glasses or small plates;

on top of such a design, it is permissible to install in addition all the items that are undoubtedly available in any kitchen and often, this space is used to place a toaster, coffee machine or other similar household appliance that is used almost every day;

such a cabinet is sold complete with unique grilles and other devices that greatly simplify the process of storing various dishes, and there are also pallets so that moisture from the words does not flow along the walls or bottom of the structure;

such a chest of drawers is made of a material that is highly resistant to moisture.

Such a chest of drawers is usually purchased for the kitchen if a large family lives in the house, so standard kitchen equipment space is insufficient to arrange the necessary dishes comfortably and best in the compartments.

Chest drawers for the kitchen

In another way, it is called a sideboard. It is equipped with clear transparent, or shaded doors. There is an opportunity to view the contents of such furniture, so it is usually used to store attractive dishes or arrange sweets, fruits or pastries.

Features of such a product include:

  • It has an attractive appearance;
  • Matched the style of the room;
  • Has a small size;
  • Varies in low functionality and space, with an emphasis on appearance;
  • With the proper arrangement of various attractive things, you can get a unique decoration in the room.

Some chests of drawers for the kitchen are not equipped with glass doors, so there are open shelves.

Dresser of drawers for the kitchen

This furniture performs several functions at once:

  • Used as a cabinet to store various items, disks or products;
  • Its upper part is used as a tabletop, so it performs the cooking process and other functions that are certainly performed in the kitchen.

You can view pictures of such variants below, and they are considered one of the most versatile and convenient. The upper part is represented by a standard table top that is highly resistant to moisture or mechanical stress. Such a design is chosen so that, in appearance, it fits best with the kitchen equipment and other parts of the kitchen interior.

To Store Vegetables

Many people prefer to store a lot of vegetables in the house. Maybe you can buy a cupboard specifically for this. Where will store food? Specific requirements are made for the item:

  • The material from which it is made must be safe and environmentally friendly;
  • The chest of drawers should not absorb external odours. Otherwise, it will soon start to smell unpleasant, so it must replace soon;
  • The size of the product must be sufficient so that can place all the necessary vegetables in it, and it is desirable that there be several boxes with a considerable volume and that each compartment will be intended to hold different vegetables;
  • There must be ventilation holes that provide the vegetables with fresh air, and it is also recommended that the entire kitchen be regularly ventilated.

Can install such a cabinet not only in the kitchen but even on the balcony. In winter, must heat this room.

You can choose different chests of drawers to store vegetables so they can be made of plastic, wood or metal. Most often, plastic constructions are selected, but it is necessary to ensure that the raw materials used are of high quality and contain a complete lack of harmful parts.

Production Materials

Many companies manufacture the chest of drawers for the kitchen, and various materials are used to make it. The most popular are the designs from:

  • Natural wood – this material is environmentally friendly and ideal for installation in any residential building. Due to the ability of the material to “breathe,” there is excellent ventilation in the interior of such a product. In addition, wood products are considered durable and reliable. Pine and maple are commonly used to make chests of drawers and beech or cherries. The operating sizes of the product itself depending on the selected tree species. If high strength is required, as the chest of drawers is intended for dishes, it should be made of beech. If it is not possible to allocate large sums of money for the purchase, then pine construction is chosen;
  • Particleboard or MDF – these products are not considered very durable but have an affordable cost and different unique colours and looks. Before you buy, you should make sure that there are no dangerous elements in the composition;
  • Plastic – products are durable, durable and do not require special maintenance. They are available in a variety of colours and can also have unusual patterns and patterns that allow you to choose the optimal design for each style;
  • Metal – furniture made of this material is practical, stylish and versatile. But it may not fit in a kitchen where people try to create a soft and comfortable environment;
  • Glass – such products are beautiful and spectacular, so they become an ornament of any kitchen. You can see their photos below, and they go well with various kitchen utensils.

So when choosing a dresser to install in the kitchen, the production material of this furniture is certainly taken into account.

Accommodation Rules of drawers for the kitchen

You can place the chest of drawers in different places in the kitchen, so choose one of the options:

  • Along the wall where there are kitchen utensils. In this case, the product works as an extension of this design. Therefore, should combine these designs with each other;
  • This option is suitable for a small kitchen in the corner of the room. Suppose the top surface of such chests of drawers is not used for cooking. In that case, it is often not required, so corner installation will be the right solution for every homeowner.
  • In the centre of the room, this installation method is rarely used; in this case, barriers are created for normal movement in the kitchen. But if an island layout is chosen in a large kitchen, then it is the dresser that can use to make such an atmosphere.

Thus, the installation location is determined by the owners of the premises. If you choose an island layout on the dresser, you should ensure that its back wall is attractive enough as it is visible in the room.

Shades of Your Choice drawers for the kitchen

In the process of choosing a design, specific nuances are taken into account:

  • Ecological purity of materials used in the making of furniture;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • Good combination with other furnishings in the room;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Optimal capacity and functionality;
  • Ease of care.

Thus, chests of drawers for the kitchen are available in many types, so it is essential to understand all the styles and choose the right one. It makes it possible to get the best design for this room, easily cope with its purpose, have an attractive appearance and withstand various influences in the kitchen.

Photo of drawers for the kitchen

Drawers for the Kitchen
Drawers for the Kitchen


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