A Shoe: Choose a Shoe Cabinet with a Mirror

a Shoe Cabinet

A shoe is an essential part of the interior, not only in the hallway but also in the apartment. The office is a shoe closet with a mirror in the hallway because it is in the first steps that guests, guests or customers get a sense of the situation in this room, the owner. Thinking about the interior hallway, connecting it to the design style of an apartment, house or office, deciding whether a modern contemporary style is right for you, or a solid retro style is closer, or maybe you prefer a romantic or Empire style; whether the interior design of your house or the corporate space will indicate lightness, lightlessness, as is done in the manner of modern design – or on the contrary will captivate guests with solid, reliable reliability.

Recruitment for a shoe

There is usually not much space in the hallway, so its sensible layout is a particular concern for both the owners of the house and the designers who organize the interiors. It is the shoe cabinet with a mirror located in the hallway that allows you to put the shoes you need in a comfortable life simply, avoid clutter, the feeling of spreading in such moments when you need many different shoe costumes: for rain, for dry weather, slippers for home use sneakers for sports. In addition, such designs often create additional comfort – a mirror helps evaluate a person’s appearance before going out.

If the forest frame has a seat or extra shelf, you can take off your shoes in a comfortable position when you get home, sit or place the comfortable bags you had in your hands on the shelf. Shoe cabinets often have small boxes for small items – house or car keys, driver’s licenses, and other documents; they also store hygiene products designed to care for clothes and shoes – creams, aerosols, dyes, brushes and other devices.

Pros and Cons

The main advantages of the design include:

  • Versatility;
  • A combination of several storage elements;
  • Visual expansion of space with mirror;
  • Profitability.

A mirror cabinet can be very convenient precisely because you do not have to place a mirror specifically on the wall in the hallway or choose a mirrored wardrobe. The mirror cabinet is versatile; it can be combined with a narrow forest frame or a bench to sit with cabinets to store small items. The mirror visually enlarges the corridor and makes it brighter. The advantages include efficiency and relatively low cost of such furniture.

At the same time, if you already have mirrored objects in the cabinet, too many mirrors can be a disadvantage and unnecessary. In addition, mirror cabinets are usually designed for large enough spaces; they may not be suitable for narrow aisles.

The use of a mirror allows for good lighting throughout the corridor. For rooms where sunlight does not reach, installing a sufficiently bright lamp is also impossible – using a mirror cabinet is impractical.


Shoe cabinet models are very diverse. They differ in several variables:

  • By size – height, length and depth. Narrow shoe racks are slim, usually with a phone shelf and a mirrored part. Wide sideboards represent the glorious, typical version of furniture. Not only phones but also cosmetics, deodorants and various aids are often placed on their shelf. Such a mirror cabinet is often combined with comfortable seats or benches that allow you to put bags, wallets, and small hand luggage. Deep cabinets will enable you to store shoes horizontally so that the socks do not deform during storage. In contrast, the shoes are ventilated by hygiene. For small rooms, a depth of 20-25 cm is sufficient for convenient storage;
  • Depending on the type of design – open and closed. Available structures can have a mesh structure; the back wall is usually made of chipboard;
  • With the presence of additional elements – seats (benches), UV lamps for drying shoes, parts for shoes (boxes);
  • Depending on the type of drawer – extraction or rotation. Enclosed structures can be rotatable and indicate the lightness of such furniture or contain a spacious drawer that allows you to put not only shoes but also other objects (brushes, shoe polish, cleaning products for clothes, etc.);
  • Depending on the type of door – swing or hinges. In some designs, there are no doors – the plan for shoes in the hallway is an open rack with a mirror;
  • Of the position of the mirror: it is attached to the wall or forms the surface of the door. Some models have a mirror only in the top drawer; some fronts are entirely mirrored.

In terms of colour, the options are very diverse: aluminium, white, white gloss, beige, oak, cherry, walnut, cappuccino, brown, black, black mask and many other shades. The colour of noble wood will give the room a feeling of good quality and strength; this design is often used in men’s changing rooms. On a white background, incredibly glossy, shoes in various colours will look great, which can be relevant for women and teenage girls. Shiny black with mirrors will give the room a unique charm with an unusual “anthracite” sheen.

Materials for Production

The frame stones also differ in terms of the material from which the foundation is made (actually a rack or shelf) and the fabric of the front:

  • The base can be made of LSDP – this is the most budget but not entirely practical material. In rooms with high humidity, it can quickly become unusable. For sensitive people with allergies, this material may not be suitable either;
  • MDF is very popular in the modern market. It is more practical and reliable, not sensitive to moisture and dirt, and easy to maintain;
  • Solid wood is an elegant, representative but expensive material, suitable for lovers of stable returns. It will create a feeling of good quality and reliability in the interior. The metal base is robust – it can evoke the lightness and quickness of the structure. Such material is often used in Art Nouveau furniture;
  • For the front, you can also use LSDP coated with plastic (this is the budget, not the most optimal) and the more popular MDF, which allows for a variety of colour and design solutions. The MDF front is comfortable and practical. It fits into both modern and classic interiors. Solid wood facades are reliable and stable but not cheap. In addition, it can completely mirror the front.

Accommodation Rules

To save space, choose and install a shoe cabinet with a mirror as tight as possible, taking into account the location of other furniture in the hallway – for example, make sure that the shoe cabinet is close to the wardrobe for outerwear. Trendy are corner cabinets with mirrors. They allow you to take the place of “blind” corner eyes, usually not used rationally, and significantly improve the perception of space.

Regarding the placement of the shoes themselves in the closet, usually only shoes for the current season are placed in those worn almost daily. It is recommended to store shoes in storage boxes inside the cabinet to prevent deformation and wear. An open forest frame will require more care for the hygiene of the shoe, as dust accumulates on it during long-term storage. At the same time, an open forest frame allows seasonal shoes to dry better, which is essential for a humid climate or autumn season: it is recommended to dry them before putting the shoes in a closed box.

a Shoe Cabinet
a Shoe Cabinet

Shades of Your Choice

The choice of this or that platform, in terms of design and other variables, depends not only on the general concept of the design but also on several psychological factors. Decide if it is essential for you that guests can sit comfortably right in the hallway or, without stopping, walk quickly into the room. If pets are in the house, choose closed shoes: this protects your slippers or outdoor shoes from teeth and claws. Think about whether you need the ability to put large “1000 small items” drawers on the shelves:

  • Cosmetics;
  • Brushes;
  • A way to take care of shoes and clothes;
  • Souvenirs and accessories that are important to you.

When choosing a box of a closed type, will consider the surrounding space clutter; it does not create unwanted views.

An ordinary lamp at the top of the corridor is often not enough to illuminate the hall; it may be necessary to equip a lighting system for shoe shelves. These can be dense or small lamps placed directly above the forest frame or attached to the wall.

Combine mirror effects with trendy “flying” lights that can be conveniently mounted or mounted on the floor with legs; they do not take up much space, are mobile enough and can be moved. At the same time, they will allow you to create a new light effect, an original play on light. Decide whether the mirror just at the top of the drawer will suffice for you, or the fully mirrored front adds charm to the hallway, creating a unique sense of space and mystery.

The choice of this or that model of shoe cabinet with mirror will inevitably reflect the taste and style of its owner, in some way predetermine the nature of his communication with home and guests. Therefore, try to think of the little things as much as possible before making a final choice.






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