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Bedrooms should be a place where you linger and relax. Besides a soft spot to lay your head, what is it that a bedroom needs to keep you coming back for more? Read .An early bedtime is important for kids between p.m. and p.m. works best for most , so at least minutes before bed create a soothing, quiet atmosphere in .In keeping with the calming color scheme, an antique shopkeeper’s cabinet with gl. front drawers was painted white and serves as an interesting dresser..It’s the cardinal rule of sleep hygiene Your bedroom should be a calming, comfortable havendesignated for sleep and only. The more clutter and distractions . Relax! Paint Colors That Can Help Reduce Stress. You’ve probably heard that color can have an enormous impact on your mood, but you might not realize .What are the best colors for your master bedroom? It’s the most personale in your home, so let the colors you love be your guide. However, it’s a good idea to .Marriage is the most intimate relationship two people on earth can have. As Genesis describes Adam and Eve, husbands and wives are “naked and not ashamed.” It’s .Place this pillow in the microwave for two minutes, and the barley and lavender inside it radiate a relaxing warmth and scent..Make your master bath a relaxing retreat with decorating and design ideas from our experts..Paint your room one of these relaxing, calming colors..

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