How to Transform a ‘Big, Old’ Company into an Agile Digital Business

Agile Digital Business

Many companies still don’t understand that technology is the key to agility. While flexible job rotations offer a powerful way for big organizations to adapt to changing trends, embracing digital technology works the best. This can help transform clunky companies into highly-agile teams.

A digital transformation is an answer you need if you’re looking to transform your business and increase its agility. Here’s how you can transform your slow-moving juggernaut of an organization into a highly agile business through digital technology.

Defining An Agile Business

Before you transform your business, you need to understand how to make it agile. Agility is a common buzzword for organizations, but you’d want to know how to do it. 

An agile organization can quickly develop products/services to meet changing customer demands or create innovative solutions based on insights and data. This organization is flexible, responsive, and resilient. It can grow with its customers and opportunities because it can change its structure, people, processes, and approaches. 

Most businesses today try to be agile, but most fail to deliver. One crucial element is missing: knowing how to use the current technology to engage their customers. From retaining employees to listening to your customer’s needs, you want to maximize tech that can change how you interact with them.

How To Embrace Digital Technology

You need the right technology to leverage your business to its full potential. You must learn the best digital technology that can help your business grow.

An excellent digital transformation starts with your business processes. You want to optimize them via the use of new technology. Doing so will make it easier for your teams to do their jobs efficiently.

You need to choose the right tools for your business. As mentioned earlier, you should integrate technology into your business processes. You need a smart approach to bridge the gap between technology and your business.

Shared Customer Insights Across The Organization

Your organization needs to streamline its processes to have a high-performing, agile, and adaptive organization. But you have to do more than just streamline your processes.   

At the core of a successful digital transformation is shared customer insights. When everyone in your organization has access to the same information in real-time. It can help your teams transform how they approach a business process or task.  

When everyone in the company has access to the same information, it can help them make better decisions faster. This allows them to act and work with each other quickly. It can help your organization make agile decisions based on customer insight. 

Analytics can help you understand your customers better. This data will offer powerful insights that you can use to improve your business. With a better customer experience, you can attract more customers. 

This shouldn’t just be for marketing. Your teams should be able to leverage this information to build products to help your customers. Tech can make your teams more efficient in creating products your customers need

Integrate Technology Into Your Operations

With the right technology, you can transform your organization to become more agile. This is known as digital transformation. The problem is that most businesses don’t know how to create an effective strategy.

Your business needs a great tech stack that makes your operations more agile. You want to simplify the various processes within your organization. This can be done by connecting your teams with the technology they need to work efficiently.

Consider looking at your operations with a fresh perspective. Technology can help you transform the way you approach your operations. Technology can help you manage your supply chain more efficiently, especially if you have multiple locations.

Pick Digital Platforms And Infrastructure

Another important technology that you need to create an agile business in the future is enterprise mobility solutions. Today, the number of mobile users is staggering. Your customers may be using mobile devices to interact with your business.   

You want a platform that can power your digital transformation. You need to choose the right platform to get the best results. The platform that you pick should be powerful enough to accommodate your entire tech stack.

Technology can help you build the right platforms for your customers. Your business can use those platforms to engage with your customers and create a better user experience.

Your cloud strategy and infrastructure matter; you must choose the right ones. Choose a cloud service provider that other companies have trusted. You want to pick a provider that offers the type of infrastructure that will suit your organization. 

Create A Digital Accountability Framework

To successfully create a digital workplace, you must embrace a digital accountability framework. This framework will help you create a digital culture that is focused on being transparent. It will help your organization become more agile.  

A great digital accountability framework can help you create an agile culture. When everyone has access to the same data in real time, it can improve collaboration. It will make decision-making easier and more accurate.  

Digital accountability frameworks can help your employees embrace new technologies. With the rise of new business solutions, you need the right culture to embrace how technology can help your organization.

Agile Digital Business
Agile Digital Business


Prepare A Dev Portal

Creating a dev portal is the best way to prepare your organization for the digital future. This portal is your platform where you can integrate tech into your business.  

A dev portal can be a great way to standardize business processes. You can get them to build apps to help them work better, share ideas, and improve productivity.  

Your dev portal should not only be used to develop apps internally. You should encourage your employees to use their dev portal to create custom solutions to help your clients. This is a great way to create a digital culture in your company.   

A dev portal can help you manage your operations better. The insight you gain from the portal will help you create better products and services. This can help you innovate faster as your company moves forward.  

The Bottom Line

Your business needs to be as agile as possible. You need to leverage digital technology to make it happen. Digital technology can help your teams be more productive. It can help you create products that will meet your customers’ needs.  


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