Regeneration: what exactly is it?


Regeneration; what exactly is it? Few can say what a European-style renovation is. This word has become so popular that it is not always interpreted accurately. The article will help answer this question and tell you about all the problems with actual renovation in the European style. The word “renewal” has stuck in people’s vocabulary. No one already knows the true meaning of this word. All appropriate repairs are called European quality repairs. If you ask residents about this, you can hear several versions of European-style renovation. Some will tell you this is when a designer is invited to discuss repairs, others when expensive and imported materials are used to decorate an apartment.

So what exactly is regeneration?

It differs from high-quality repairs in that at the beginning of the work, an expert is invited, that is, an interior designer, and with his help, future maintenance is discussed. The result of the designer is not only in interior design proposals; he also offers materials, furniture, appliances, water supply, ventilation, and all the nuances that can follow after he shows you this or that idea. A designer is not only the one who will suggest what paint to paint the wall with. He will also advise what material this paint should be from, which company, in which room you choose, and how long you intend to use it.

Must take all design details into account. The success of the repair depends on this. Another responsibility of the interior designer is the layout of the room. He must consider all the details of the room, choose its design for the functions that the room performs, and consider all your wishes and changes in this matter. He carries the colors inside the fabric, chooses furniture for the room, equipment that works appropriately, and the room’s lighting. The distribution of the rooms must match. For example, the kitchen must have running water; there must be appliances for cooking, etc. The living room should have an area for receiving guests and relaxing.

Suppose the room’s architecture does not match the layout of the functional areas. In that case, you can resort to renovations. The renovation also includes reconstruction. If you work with qualified specialists, they will get permission to rebuild the premises, that is, the necessary documents, on their own. The documents must match the calculations made during the reconstruction of the premises. Such documents are essential. They must include the permission of the fire brigade and sanitation services, as well as permission from the building’s architects, to ensure that the reconstruction does not lead to the destruction of the building or other unpleasant conditions.

The teams that carry out European quality repairs usually do several additional works. Such as, for example, waste collection, self-purchase of materials, and use of modern and improved equipment. It is also possible that you will purchase furniture and appliances according to your design and interior design. Suppose the team is only involved in renovations. In that case, the designer must offer several stores and factories where you can buy the necessary furniture and equipment.



If you have done all these steps to renovate an apartment from A to Z, you can call it an actual renovation in the European style.


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