Stretch ceilings: Types of fittings for stretch ceilings

fittings for stretch ceilings

Stretch ceilings; how do I install various lighting? The installation of different lighting equipment in a stretch ceiling allows you to transform a room, divide it into zones and add light accents to decorative elements. A properly selected fixture will not only fit the design but will also be safe to use. An LED strip is used to illuminate the stretch ceiling, where the innovative material “Transparent” is used as a canvas. In this case, the entire ceiling is equally adorned from the inside – ceiling as the whole area is a kind of lamp. LED strips are located inside the structure, divided into groups, and you can turn them on all at once or individually. So you can zone the room and turn on the light where you need it. The advantage of this lighting method is the absence of shadows, uniform lighting, and energy saving.

If desired, combine several types of lighting equipment in one room by equipping different switches.

Methods for fixing lighting equipment in stretch ceilings

Can fix a stationary chandelier and lamp in a stretch ceiling in several ways.

As for the chandeliers, they are arranged in two ways:

  • Loft … It involves the installation of a reinforcement strip at the point of future attachment, even before the canvas is installed. The lamp is then attached to this base with standard self-tapping screws.
  • Postponement … This method is more straightforward and, therefore, more common. Before pulling the fabric, a hook made of permanent reinforcement is attached to the place of the shade. After the ceiling has been fixed, a chandelier is hung on the hook.

Spotlights differ in the type of attachment and are:

  • Cost … For their installation, special adjustable racks are installed, which are then covered with canvas. The film and the lighting device are not in contact due to the attachment of a unique thermal ring. If desired, you can choose a non-rotating and rotating model. The later parts are then changed in the desired direction, and the angle is changed from 35 to 40 degrees.
  • Built-in … These lighting elements are attached to the central ceiling, even before the stretch ceiling is installed. It is necessary to select and install a built-in lamp in a stretch ceiling to prevent overheating of the material. In this case, the canvas must be made of a light-diffusing PVC film. Among the models offered on the market, it is better to prefer stamped products (concrete is undesirable to use). For safety reasons, it is also recommended to install double heating rings and maintain the distance from the central air to the elastic material – from 6 cm.

You need to decide on the location and type of mounting of the lighting equipment, even before the stretch ceiling is installed.

Types of ceiling stretch lamps

When designing a lighting system, you need to consider aesthetic appeal and safety.

The following types of lamps can be used for the installation of stretch ceilings:

  • Energy-saving fluorescent … Such products do not overheat and are characterized by low energy consumption and safety. They can be placed inside, outside, and on the canvas itself.
  • Halogen … Very powerful and bright. Provides great direction lighting. Among the disadvantages is the limited color range of radiation. Set with the calculation of 1 lamp (35 W) – 1 m 2 … Designers often use these lamps with a front temperature sensor to create an original effect. It is safer to place such lights in hanging structures. Their installation requires additional equipment (electronic or induction) transformers.
  • Incandescent lamps … Provide diffused lighting. It can be used in hanging lights and keep a distance of 40 cm from the ceiling. Their power must be below 45 watts. When installed in the spotlight, models should have a mirror finish.
  • LED … They are considered the most economical and durable. Creates natural, metric, and expansive lighting. They are great for decoration and do not emit heat. With their help, you can visually increase the height of the ceiling. LED stretch ceiling lights are generally used as additional lighting as they are less potent than other types.
  • Optical fibers … Safe and low thermal conductivity. With their help, you can create the effect of a “starry sky” on the canvas. Fiber optic is much more expensive than another lighting, but it will also last much longer. And the use of various attachments and inserts will create flickers in the air or flame.

Different lamps and fixtures allow you to stage the room and visually add light accents. Models with adjustable light intensity can be used. With this kind of lighting, you can easily create a romantic work environment.

 fittings for stretch ceilings
fittings for stretch ceilings

Rules for choosing lights for stretch ceilings

Each type of light fixture has its lamp. For example, it is impossible to screw in a light bulb in a product for LED models as they are different sizes. For this reason, you need to consider the type and shape of fixtures and lamps before buying.

It is essential to consider the following nuances:

  • Recessed luminaires must have an internal bumper and not heat up more than + 60 degrees.
  • Better to give an opaque lamp preference.
  • Built-in lamps cannot be attached to the elastic material.
  • You can visually increase the multi-level ceiling by incorporating point lighting on each level.
  • Directing the light beam from the top up to the wall can reduce its height.
  • Cross lighting in a narrow room will visually expand it.

When installing 20 or more spotlights, it is recommended to group them in each area with a separate power supply. It will save and reduce energy consumption.


These are far from all the tricks that allow you to transform a room with light’s help completely. Knowing the answer to the question of which lamps are better for stretch ceilings, you can recreate a safe and efficient lighting system. Modern technology and many offers on the market allow you to hide even the most excellent style solutions on the stretch ceiling. And our recommendations will help you choose not only a beautiful but also a safety lamp.


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