Summer Gadgets: Need To Buy This Summer Gadgets

Need To Buy This Summer Gadgets

Summer is fast approaching while Covid is receding (well, in most countries anyway). Are you adequately prepared for three months of summer adventures? You will be after you read our list of 10 must-have summer gadgets!

 The list is eclectic, and the price range is pretty broad, but we’re sure you’ll find at least a couple of items that fit your budget and will help make this the most magical summer gadgets ever!

Water Umbrella  

You probably had no idea that summer gadgets like an umbrella that turns into a squirt gun were a thing or that you needed it, but it is, and you do! It comes in blue or yellow, making it possible for you to identify friend or foe! But best of all, you will teach people not to laugh at you next time they see you walking around with an umbrella on a perfectly sunny day.

Underwater Scooter

An underwater scooter solves the problem if you’re looking to explore the ocean floor but don’t have the patience to swim to the bottom. It has enough thrust to take you up to 164 feet below and has two-speed settings: 2.2 mph and 4 mph for when you want to show off your dolphin-like abilities. The automatic low battery alert lets you know when it’s time to return to the surface, and the childproof safety lock prevents Little Timmy or Suzy from going wild with your scooter!

Portable Air Cooler

Tired of having to play paper/rock/scissors or even arm wrestle your colleagues to determine who gets to control the office’s air conditioning settings? With this convenient, compact and rechargeable mini fan, you’ll never have to embarrass yourself again! It beats sticking a large, clunky fan on your work desk and targets cool air directly at you without bothering those around you.

Mosquito Killer Lamp

You’re undoubtedly familiar with those unsightly mosquito-zapping lanterns you can hang outside. But imagine if you could achieve your mosquito-murdering objectives with the help of an aesthetically-pleasing lamp instead? The mosquito killer lamp looks good indoors or out. It even serves as a functioning lamp you can keep in the den.

Can Backpack

Never has it been so easy to take the party with you! Just strap on the water-proof backpack, and you’re good to go! Using the latest in beer cooling technology, you can keep food and as many as 24 cans of beer nice and cold even on the hottest summer days. That’s a small price to pay to be everybody’s hero!

Inflatable Lounger

When people go out to the park or an outdoor concert, they typically bring a picnic blanket with them at best. Meanwhile, you bust out the inflatable lounger and become the envy of everyone. Yeah, it’s nothing more than a glorified inflatable raft, but it doesn’t diminish the fact that you’re relaxing in comfort while everybody else is dealing with ants and the lumpy ground. It has enough space for two and can handle as much as 660lb. So it’s even suitable for your portliest friends!

Portable Grill

Thanks to this portable grill, there’s no need to limit backyard cooking to your backyard! The grill is collapsible and contains all-terrain wheels, making it easy to move around. It’s also designed to withstand strong winds, so you’ll never have to worry about the flame going out.

Need To Buy This Summer Gadgets
Need To Buy This Summer Gadgets

Close-Fit Sunglasses

Here’s the problem: you’re into extreme sports but worry that your sunglasses won’t survive your paragliding adventure. Solution: Oakley Kato Close-Fit sunglasses! They are designed to conform to your face’s unique contours and are durable. Your order comes with three nose pad sizes, which means you will find the right fit. It also comes in three colours, with each of the best suited for particular lighting conditions.

Underwater Drone

Drones are excellent when you want a bird’s-eye view of things, but what about those who dream of filming sharks, fish, mermaids and the like? Nothing is impossible when you use the underwater drone! It contains a robotic arm and navigates via remote control. You can explore at depths of 150 meters as you record 1080p HD footage. Its battery lasts up to 4 hours, giving you plenty of time to create majestic underwater videos.

Carbon Fiber Surfboard

When a conventional surfboard doesn’t do it for you, the Carbon Fiber Surfboard is calling your name. With sleek carbon body fibre, it can reach speeds of 35mph, allowing you to wiz along the coast like an absolute surfing superstar. It’s not cheap, but if you’ve got some extra cash and are feeling generous, this belongs on your list.


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